Empowering the wonder within

At Learning Brooke, we blend various aspects from proven approaches to early childhood education — including the much-celebrated Reggio Emilia Approach, and the Educaring Approach.

The overriding focus is to bring out each child’s natural curiosities. By encouraging problem-solving and investigation, our teachers help instill a lasting feeling of confidence. This enables Learning Brooke Explorers to gain a personal sense of purpose and individuality, while developing multiple relationships.

The emergent curriculum: an organic approach.

An emergent curriculum develops as teachers observe, interpret, plan for and reflect upon our shared experiences with children. This perspective imparts a natural flow to the Learning Brooke curriculum, which honors the true interests of the children. We are continually observing and interpreting the work of the children. This documentation is a tool by which we share their journeys as they unfold.

Plenty of time and space is given for children to explore, question and construct ideas about their world. Teachers, the children and their families are the three important catalysts, forming relationships that support and extend cognitive, emotional and physical development.

The collaborative effect of our community.

Naturally, our work also depends on a lively partnership with the children’s families. It’s something we maintain by cultivating a continual collaboration between home, school and community: through daily parent-teacher communications, newsletters, interactive family workshops, along with regular and biannual parent-teacher conferences.