Melissa Kolinsky

“Infants are the best teachers. They remind us to see the beauty in a stream of sunshine, wonder at the strength and grace of our physical bodies, and take heart that falling down is simply a part of the process of learning to stand.”


Melissa has worked with children in a variety of roles over the course of her career. Beginning with a high school volunteer assignment in a local day care center, she has also volunteered on a mobile play center for disadvantaged families in Bath, England (a blue, double-decker bus named Doris!), taught second grade in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood in Miami, worked with middle- and high-school students with disabilities in Tucson, and volunteered on a pediatric hospital ward.


Coming full circle, Melissa is gratified to again be working in an early childhood center. With a background in Family Therapy, she is able to bring her experience in child development and parenting skills to enrich her work with our teachers, children, and families.