Learning Brooke Portfolios

Instilling pride and confidence through insights from the journey.

Learning Brooke Portfolios celebrate the individual growth of our Explorers, while providing an invaluable personal profile for their ongoing development. Each one is a living, evolving keepsake your family will treasure for years to come.

Portfolios begin at enrollment and are maintained during the course of each child’s Learning Brooke career. They may contain a wide range of documentation materials including samples of the child’s work, assessments by teachers, running & anecdotal records, weekly observation reports and photographs.

During parent/teacher conferences, families are presented with their child’s portfolios, and are encouraged to take them home for closer examination and exploration. We also ask prekindergarten children to review their portfolio during the year, in order to revisit and discuss their development.

An invaluable resource.
Both now and in the future.

During your child’s journey here, this portfolio is also an invaluable resource for teachers. At Learning Brooke, teachers use these portfolios to accurately determine developmental levels and specific areas of interest. In turn, this enables them to provide an appropriate environment filled with explorations and provocations to foster growth and new learning.

At the end of each child’s journey at Learning Brooke, the portfolio is his/hers to keep and share with the next teacher. This gives subsequent teachers an accurate idea of the child’s developmental level to support further growth.