Enrichment Programs

Thinking beyond the school day.

Our enrichment programs were created to supplement and enhance a child’s school-based learning in a fun and interactive way. Learning Brooke offers a variety of enrichment programs that expand on core curriculum, while focusing on the individual goals and interests of the children.

For more information on enrichment programs, contact:
Erica Kupferschmidt, Director  •  401.941.3705  •  erica@learningbrooke.com

Afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment

This multifaceted experience for half-day kindergarteners is designed to spark a child’s natural curiosities. The children are encouraged to take an active role in their learning by developing relationships and discovering what the world means to them.

Based on these emerging interests, our teachers guide the students to sustain deeper explorations and long-term integrated projects. This supports the inquisitive nature of children and encourages hands-on learning through small/large group and individual investigations — both indoors and out.

Empowering children to own their learning.

At Learning Brooke, our ultimate goal is always to support children along the exciting journey of self-discovery. Students are treated with the utmost respect — giving them the time and space necessary to develop the core skills for their ongoing educational path.

Reading, writing, math, science and social skills are acquired in a natural way. Children are also encouraged to explore new ideas and express themselves through oral & written language, clay-making, painting, dancing, wood & wire, movement and music.

Before & After School (grades K-3).

Our after school programs are safe, fun and educational sessions that complement the school day, while helping to take what the children have learned to the next level. Learning Brooke teachers provide homework assistance, along with directing and supervising an engaging variety of indoor and outdoor activities. The children are encouraged to explore their interests and ideas within learning centers, while working cooperatively in small groups.

Daily 5-Day
Before School
7:30 am to 8:30 am
$9 $43
After School*
3:30 pm to 5:30 pm
$13.25 $64
Before and After School* $22 $99
* After school session includes a light, healthy snack.